Thursday, 31 December 2015

Goodbye 2015!

Hold your horses! Another year gone? I am not quite ready to give up the slow rhythm of the holibobs yet! It has been the most manic run up to Christmas, and I've had to work the day job in between Christmas and New Year too. For me, as many can't wait to put their festive decorations to bed, I can't help but hold on a little tighter...a little longer...Just a few more quiet moments here by the fairy lights to take in the warm peaceful glow...I am in no hurry to pack away the baubles and glitter this year. Even the tree is still as fresh faced as the day we dragged it off the roof of the car. It hasn't dropped a needle! I think as I enter this new year, I will savour a few more moments in the festive glow of our Nordman Fir...Here are a few snaps from our Christmas at home...

Tomorrow I may be ready to reflect a little more on the year that's gone...memories made, blessings received, lessons learnt...But for now I will enjoy the last breath of 2015 in quiet gratitude...May you also taste the sweetness of a last warm hug from 2015!



  1. Thank you for the beautiful wishes. From my heart to yours, I hope and wish that you and your family have a tremendously lovely, fun filled and very happy celebration and year ahead.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. *PS* Your Christmas pudding cushion is off-the-charts cute! :)

      ♥ Jessica

  2. Beautiful pictures. Happy New Year 2016 to you and your family. Jane x

  3. estou encantada com seu blog, sua casa e suas coisas, sao de fazer a gente viajar e sonhar com tantos detalhes fofos, ja virei seguidora, e nao me canso de admirar, parabens.


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