Thursday, 5 February 2015

Styling the Seasons


This time of year always seems my most challenging. Christmas and New Year celebrations have faded far into the distance, the days are cold and long, work seems more taxing and life just feels a little 'blah'....That is perhaps why I look forward to the 14th, a day to brighten up a somewhat gloomy month, a reprieve from the dullness of these grey winter skies!

This month's greatest identity can be attributed to Valentine's Day I suppose, a day to indulge in a little romance, and it seems many of us are spreading the love a little further by decorating our homes with a dash of seasonal flair throughout the month. Having decided to join in with the 'Styling the Seasons' feature as inspired by Katy and Charlotte, I have taken inspiration from this celebratory day of love to style this season at home.

The book case....
This pine bookcase from Ikea has sat here for some time...A little unloved...A little dated...Dull and uninspired. What it needed was a new lease of life, perhaps the loving caress of a paint brush? I set to work...

So, re-painted in a lovely soft green by Annie Sloan, it's looking a little happier now, don't you think? Brighter, lighter, loved once again...

What does Valentine's Day mean to you? 

When I was young, it was all about the possibility of a love note from a secret admirer, the discovery of a card mysteriously tucked into my book bag at break time, and the hope that it was from the brown eyed boy who could turn my legs to jelly with a smile! Later, when I finally met 'The One', it was a special day for romance, and it was all hearts, flowers and chocolate! Now, as I'm a bit older, and still with 'The One', plus three more, it's as if it has taken on a whole new meaning. I see it as another opportunity to hug them all a little tighter, to show them that they're loved through small, but thoughtful gestures. The kiddies always get a little love note from me in their packed lunches, as do hubby. Hmmm...the thought of following through with this when the boys are sixteen fills me with all kinds of mischievous thoughts! I can just imagine them pulling out a love note from 'mummy' in the canteen at school! 

Now, I use any excuse and any opportunity to style my home for different seasons, and although the house doesn't turn into Cupid's love den in February, it certainly gets a little face lift in places to remind us of love, and the sentiment that it evokes in us. I am quite a sentimental person, and it translates into most areas of our home. And so, when you look closely at the newly painted bookcase, you'll see a few new touches that reflect this...

'Flourish'...A reminder from January, my word for the year....In all things this year, learn, grow, love and flourish!

Love what you do. Do what you love. I love to sew, and create...

The loves of my life! 
I have had some Instagram snaps printed, and they fit perfectly in a little sewn box from a friend. Ready to be opened up in quiet reflective moments down memory lane...

A reminder of love...that it grows...flourishes...

And a message in a bottle...A declaration of love from the 'Song of Solomon'...

I have so enjoyed 'styling the season' in this corner of our home, and I'm not quite done yet! I would love to hear what Valentine's Day means to you, or if, like some, you have written it off as just another commercial ploy by the shops to empty our purses! For me, it's not about the money (thank you Jesse J!)'s about caring, loving, sharing, and showing the ones you love that they are loved.



  1. Love it! Your blogs always make me feel more positive. You take time to find the beauty in life! It's inspiring! LOVE the bookshelf too!

    1. Hello my dear friend! It's so good to know that you find this little corner inspiring and uplifting! If just one person feels that way when they read my blog, it makes it all worth while! xxx

  2. This is wonderful. Love the loving touches you've included in various corners of your home.

    1. Hi Lorrie! Thank you so very much. A very happy Valentine's to you and yours! Tania x

  3. My feelings on this day echo your own. Though I have no qualms with Valentine's Day and am the first to admit that I love love, I've long viewed this day as being akin to Thanksgiving in that it gives me the perfect opportunity to truly reflect on how fortunate to have the people, pets and things in my life that I love (and who love me on the people + pets front) and to find ways to express my gratitude for these to as many of them as possible.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hi Jessica. You're a girl after my own heart! I wish you and Tony the most delightful, happiest of Valentine's day! xxx


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