Friday, 23 January 2015


This winter has proven to be a little challenging for me. As much as I love the coziness of snuggling like a hibernating bear inside my den, I have longed for the sun's balmy warmth to wash over me. Grey, dull skies have dampened my mood, and it takes a monumental effort to hoist myself out of bed in the mornings. But, having said that, nothing is more charming than those crisp, clear mornings when all is draped in icy crystals, and the landscape lies white and still after a blanket of frost has settled upon it. Today has been such a day. The sun came out to accompany the blue sky in a symphony of light! Those of you, who like me, wait with bated breath for the 'good light' to appear so perfect snaps can be taken, will know that one must 'make hay while the sun shines'! 

All budding photographers will know that natural light is your best friend. It drives away shadows that can make your pictures look a little lacklustre. Everything looks so much nicer draped in light! 

Here are a few snaps taken on brighter days...

Even the daffodils have been coaxed from the snuggly earth they've been buried in...

And we know this little fella likes the light too!

Today was a good day...

Here's to a bright and sunny weekend! 


  1. I like your new blog look! Yes, I'm craving warmth and sunshine, too. Soon, soon.

  2. Oooh, how I'm yearning for spring's vivacious return, too! It feels like a small eternity since I last felt warm when outside or saw new blooms (that were't at a florist's shop! :)). Thankfully we've only got to through two more months or so of winter here in my (rather warmer than most) corner of Canada before that should happen again. To say that I'm counting down the days would be understatement! :)

    ♥ Jessica


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