Saturday, 25 January 2014

My retro soul sings!

And so I have waited...patiently...And I'm not the patient kind. But sometimes that's all one's purse allows for, waiting and hoping  that somewhere someone will want rid of that one thing that would bring the zing back into your home, without having to cut off an arm! And then I found it. A superb specimen of retro revelation... a magnificent 1960's teak McIntosh sideboard which I have longed for, for such a very long time! These retro sideboards have made a fierce comeback, and hence they are quite pricey. But my thrifty soul is singing, as I found one for an absolute song! Eventually...Why, I ask you, are they so sought after these days? Well, for me it evokes nostalgic feelings of a time when it seemed that time stood still. The pace of life these days leave little scope for reflection, simplicity and calm, and there is something quite calming about the structure of these retro pieces. So, there has been some re-shuffling, nesting and tweaking...

Finally, a resting place for old collected pieces, that breathes new life into them...somehow, they now fit...

And so the oak cupboard had to move, but it's found a happy spot!

Adding a few spring like blooms in blue...

A teapot re-purposed...

And with that done, I can now sit back, transported a little further down memory lane to the sounds of the Beatles, with 'Love me do' and 'Hey Jude'...My retro soul sings!



  1. What an absolutely beautiful blog. I am so inspired already by your gorgeous pics and attitude :) xxx

  2. I actually said aloud just now "WOW!!!" as I glimpsed this stunning piece of furniture. Your patience was massively reward here. What an awesome, instant room maker of a piece! Congrats on your terrific find!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Looks fab......and all your bits and bobs very stylishly displayed.....clever you ! An elderly neighbour of mine who moved a few years ago had one of these, she couldnt give it away...nor her G Plan bedroom suite either.......the retro revival hadnt kicked in then and it was all `out of style` at that time......I`m pretty sure it went to the tip.......what a shame eh? .......

  4. I am so happy you found your sideboard Tania! It looks wonderful in your home!

    Madelief x

  5. It looks fabulous, Tania. It's a huge thrill to find "that" piece finally when the search has been a long one, I know. :)


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