Friday, 19 July 2013

And's finally here!

Hello my lovelies! Wow...I have been idle with the writing for a while now, haven't I? Coming back to my blog writing pad, is like coming home to an overgrown, neglected garden! Taking up my writing pen feels a little like weeding! Well, all I can say, is that life has kept me busy! And by life, I actually mean three kidlets! It's the end of our school year, so many plays and events to attend. But, I have also spent a little time getting my Etsy shop off the ground, and although I have only one item listed at present, that should grow nicely over the next couple of days. So, finally, it's here, open for business! I look forward to this new venture, making and selling items, but I will also endeavour to source unique and beautiful vintage goodness to offer in my shop! I have chosen a name for the shop...'Sew Much Loveliness' Please pop over and take a look, and I will keep you posted as new items are added!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Tania ♥

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  1. How terrifically exciting, dear Tania! I'm off to favourite your budding etsy shop right this very minute. Congrats on launching it - I wish you unending success!

    ♥ Jessica


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