Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Love Day!

Happy love day lovelies! I hope you are all feeling the love on this sunny Sunday? We are spending it quietly at home today. The last two weeks have packed a few painful punches! We've all had colds, sickness, and general season fatigue me thinks! Mummy bear (that's me!) has been suffering with a tooth abscess, and mixed in with all that the car decided to misbehave too! This all did not bode well for a challenging work schedule! So, hence we are taking time out to take a deep breath and adjust our sails!

The one thing that relaxes me, is spending time at the helm of my sewing machine. Or so it should! I set to work today to sew a little cheerful house, but it wasn't without the odd hiccough! I recycled a beautifully embroidered vintage hankie, making a decorative hanging house by combining it with some favourite fabric. After adding some hand stitching of my own to the front of the house, I set to work to sew the shape for the house. Note to self: Always, always pin right sides together! Grrr...Rookie error! I ended up having to unpick it, and start again! But, I finished it, and I did enjoy getting round to doing some sewing again. How I've missed it!

I also got round to doing a little painting this week. I picked up this sweet metal lantern house in a sale. It was considerably reduced, as it was leftover Christmas stock.

Not to keen on the maroon roof, I took a paintbrush to it, and now it looks a little more cheerful and perfect for spring!



  1. Wonderfully pretty creations. What a difference a new coat of paint made to that wee house's whole look. Great job!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. We've been fighting the cold & flu too, no fun! I love your sweet little house you made and your cute spring decor!


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