Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A happy place to be...

September is here, and we are all trying really hard to hang on to the hem of summer's skirt! But, as the kids are going back to school this week, I know it won't be long before the nights draw in and autumn descends on us in waves of yellow, rust, orange, red and gold. It is a good thing that I am rather fond of the chillier weather, as I know it lasts for an awfully long time in the Northern hemisphere! Normally I'd like to think that I am quite organised, and usually at the dawn of September I have managed the pre-winter clear out of cupboards. Preparations are usually under way to get everything ship-shape before school starts, in real squirrel fashion thinking of the busy months ahead. But alas...this year I am well and truly dragging my feet! However, I have made a little effort this weekend to kick start things!

I was given a writing bureau some years back, and it is definitely one of my favourite pieces of furniture. There is something very 'Jane Austen'-like about owning a bureau. Sometimes I imagine myself sitting there on a crisp morning, winter rays pouring through the window, cup of tea steaming away on the foldout leaf, and pen in hand jotting down all my deepest thoughts. Or, equally, in my imagination it comes to life by candlelight, as I pull out my diary at the desk, and put the world to rights on paper with my best calligraphy pen. Ha! Reality is a very different story though! No such romantic past times has it yet encountered! I did give it a fresh lick of paint a few years back, but since then it has lived a rather non-descript life, and has been the dumping ground for discarded mail, and all manner of  'I'll-sort-that-later' junk.

I think the reason why I haven't used it as intended, is because it felt a little dated, even though it had been given a lick of paint.

I had only painted the outside before, so this weekend I decided to tackle it on the inside too! I painted it a fresh green, with a top coat of glitter glaze. It is utterly yummy! At night time it twinkles and sparkles! If think that if I can manage to keep it tidy, I can leave the foldout desk down and this way I will use it more often. A few new flourishes later, mixed in with some retro touches, I find it a happier place to be!

I used my favourite weapon to brighten things up too, a can of gold spray paint! I had a dull elephant sellotape dispenser which I'd picked up from Tiger stores, a standard black stapler,a black pencil holder and an old vintage jelly mold that I thought I could use as accessories on my desk. I tackled these with the paint, and voila! A little co-ordinated girly glamour!

Some quirky pencils and stationary add a bit of fun, and I am looking forward to spending more time here getting organised. Who knows...I might even write that book I keep talking about!

So, although the rest of my abode is still off colour, at least this one little corner is as it should be! Here's to some more squirrel tinkering getting ready for the long, cold season ahead!


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  1. Splendidly lovely writing station! Those gold text pencils are especially charming.

    ♥ Jessica


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