Monday, 17 August 2015

Master Bedroom Reveal

Can you hear that crying? It's the sound of wailing walls! The master bedroom in our home has not been touched since we moved in nearly ten years ago, and it is crying out for a makeover! Let's do this....

And so I set to work...Inspired by a colour that I love, I decided to go for something a little bolder than I'm used to...Be gone Magnolia! Hello Teal...

I painted the main wall behind the bed this luscious deep teal, as well as the wall surrounding the main window. This way the room won't end up being too dark, as the light will shine from within, so to speak! The remaining two walls were painted in a crisp white to set off the teal. And I am so happy with the results! The light in here changes all day long, and the colour goes from blue to green, from light to dark. I love the various moods it creates...

I wanted to create a gallery wall above the bed, but when I spotted these metallic letters and wings, I knew it would add a little more drama. The gold accents work well with my existing gilt mirror and vintage swallows in flight, and creates a more cohesive look in what could be a busy scheme otherwise.

Now, I love the design of a skeleton lamp matched with an over sized retro bulb, but these can be quite pricey. I had a silk covered shade which I'd picked up from a thrift shop some time ago, so I stripped the cover off, and spray painted it gold. I found a discontinued lamp base in a Homebase in the cost me the total sum of six pounds, and is just perfect. It has slight accents of gold to tie in with the shade, and teamed up with a giant bulb, it was just the look I was going for. Design on a budget! All for under a tenner!

Apart from the walls, I have been toying with the idea to paint the furniture. But as it turns out, I really like the look of the pine bed against the teal wall, so for now that will stay as is. But, the dressing table really did need doing...Eugh...

It looked dull and worn, and in need of some TLC. I opted for a lovely fresh 'nearly white'...And a delectable glitter glaze by Craig and Rose. The result is fresh, clean and at night the glitter comes to life with a subtle shimmer for a bit of glam.

The built-in wardrobes were also looking tired. After a fresh lick of white satinwood, they looked fresh-faced, but a little bland. I decided to decoupage some wallpaper motifs on to the doors, and it is just a lovely sight to wake up to in the morning!

And of course, there will be no end of faffing and nesting to get every little corner looking just right...

I am so pleased that I didn't shy away from this colour in favour of a safer option. And I know that I can change and add to it as the mood takes me. I dare you to be brave next time too!



  1. Que tudo,parabéns.Boa semana.Valéria.

  2. Gloriously pretty! I adore a dark walled room. Our own master bedroom has burgundy walls in a shade the paint company called radicchio . Thank you for sharing your awesome bedroom makeover with us!

    ♥ Jessica


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