Monday, 8 June 2015

Simple sentiments

As a young girl, sometimes my fiery temper would flare at the slightest provocation, and I can assure you, not much has changed! But, by provocation I really mean treading on my moral toes, beliefs I hold very strongly to my heart. In such instances where words are uttered that go against the very grain of my beliefs' core, I would often feel the urge to speak my mind, even though in those instances a quiet answer wrapped in gentleness may have had a better outcome! As I'm getting older, I'm learning that retaliation is not always to best way, and that silence can sometimes be the best answer.

Three words have stuck with me since my volatile teenage years, calm words of wisdom that my dad used to utter when he could see the flames rising in my eyes at the onset of a 'red flag to a bull situation'...

'Be a sweetheart'..........

And now, after a little time spent at the sewing machine, these words are up on the wall as a gentle reminder to 'be a sweetheart'...Be kind, gentle, nice...Yes, sometimes being nice is more important than being right....



  1. Isn't it beautiful and deeply profound how words said to us in our youth can continue to guide at at times even shape our lives and creativity to this very day?

    ♥ Jessica

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