Friday, 22 May 2015

"Find the extraordinary in the ordinary"

Sometimes my mind wanders, restlessly searching for that creative happy place. I get bored so very easily. It's a blessing, and a curse. I get frustrated when the mundane tasks of every day life leave no room for self expression and creative pursuits. Curse. But it also guides me to gain perspective, to look for and see the joy and beauty in ordinary things. Blessing. Sometimes you have to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. When the accomplishment of your very own 'Van Gogh masterpiece' is out of reach, perhaps you need only to adjust your perspective to realise that you are surrounded by the everyday masterpieces...a handful of daisies clutched in tiny hands and presented with an exuberant 'I love you mummy'...or a bunch of cow parsley picked from the side of the road...
Perhaps a humble cupcake on a pretty plate...or a few quiet moments immersed in the pages of a good book. And sometimes beauty comes to you when you close your eyes, and listen to the soothing crackling of Vera Lynn singing 'We'll meet again'...

So, with the long weekend upon us here in Old Blighty, I will consciously appreciate the simpler things. I hope you too can find joy in the ordinary...


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  1. I nodded so vigorously here that my neck nearly crammed up! I know exactly what you mean, and can really relate to, how often the demands and general routine of life itself can go ten rounds, so to speak, with one's ability to throw themselves into creative pursuits as much as desired (or even a fraction as much). I've been dealing with that very heavily in recent years, especially for the past couple, and am trying to change it a bit, but that's something that is a lot easier (I find) to say than actually do.

    Thank you for the lovely reminder to always find blessings in our days and surroundings, no matter how harried life gets or how little time we may have to create.

    ♥ Jessica


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