Thursday, 18 September 2014

Feeling out of sorts!

Hello my lovelies! This week has been a funny old one...An I am feeling-out-of-sorts' kind of a week...My mind is just all over the place, like a very confused chameleon on a Smartie box! I keep telling myself in my best 'Mr. Miyagi' voice...'Focus Daniel son!'.....Okay, so I'm not called Daniel, but you get my drift! I need to focus. 

When I feel like this, it's usually because the house is in a mess, I've got a 'to do list' as long as King Kong's arm, and I'm running around like a headless chicken trying to fit seven days into twenty four hours! And what do I do? I try oh so very hard to tackle THAT list, and I am somewhat productive, and equally, so easily distracted! I'm not going to bore you with a long wordy post, as I've got to go and pop some pizzas in the oven (slummy mummy today!)... the hungry bears are starting to growl! 

So...A week in pictures...

A little rearranging in the kitchen...

An attempt at getting that I can flourish...

My 'creative environment', a little tidier than usual...

A few pretties to cheer me up...

And the distraction to avoid the 'real' housework...'Do you want to build a snowman?' My second attempt at needle felting...

And a little sewing of course! New bunting for the bathroom window...

My mind is still in a funny old place, but I suspect equilibrium will be restored soon...I hope! It's been a week of doing lots, but actually not that much at all! Tomorrow is another day...



  1. Just today, I watched a video that addressed that very topic, of having a huge to-do list and not feeling very productive. Maybe this will help you feel better:

  2. Olá Tânia,meu sonho,um cantinho para criatividade só meu,parabéns o seu é lindo.Beijo.Valéria.

  3. Oh my goodness, Tania! May I come and live with you please? Every single one of those pictures was a delight. You've really put a smile on my face, thank you.

    That To-Do list is neverending, isn't it? I try to do a little every day so that it doesn't build up but then it always eats up my creative time. I know how you feel though. My head can be just like yours at present.

    The fog will clear. Happy Friday to you.


  4. It must have been something in the air that crossed the pond this week- I feel like that chameleon as well! Like a Mexican jumping bean- boing let's finish this, nope let's do this instead, boing boing boing


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