Monday, 25 August 2014

Going for gold

Today I'm thinking interior trends. And then I look at my home, the way it has evolved over time, and I cannot stick a particular 'style label' on it! I love so many different elements of varying styles...a little bit of shabby cottage charm...bohemian boldness...vintage and retro! It is unfortunate, as it creates a bit of a jumble, especially as I'm not particularly 'minimalist' in my ways! So, I think I'll opt for the 'lived in' look...A style (for lack of a better word!) that speaks of personal loves and collections gathered over time, a kind of personal 'storybook style', as it tells the story of our lives! Visitor's often refer to our home as a dolls house, as it clearly shows that I like to play house! I style and dress our home purely with things we love, nothing is too contrived or thought out. If I like it, I'll home it! Of late I have fallen in love with what I can only refer to as 'grown-up style', influenced mainly by the work of TV host and interior stylist, Emily Henderson. She is one trendy lady, and I like her mix of colour and textures. Here's a little taster of her own personal home...Oh, that chair!

Now, the trends for 2014 have incorporated bold geometric patterns, like chevrons and stripes, teal has made a real surge in popularity, and the mix of mid-century (1950's/1960's) and modern has had me pouring over the pages of interior magazines. It's such a vibrant, bold look, and I sometimes wish I could pull it off, wall to wall, ceiling to floor! But, that would mean a whole different change in budget! So, I choose to incorporate small changes of trends that appeal to me into our home, to lift things a little and create interest.

One of the most popular trends for 2014 has definitely been the use of metallic accents, be it copper, bronze or gold. I have never been a fan of dripping gold and opulence, but I do think that the use of gold accents can add an air of sophistication and freshness. I have tackled a few projects to show just how easily (and cheaply!) this can be done. I set to work, armed with nothing but a tin of gold spray paint and a bit of masking tape. The idea was to 'update' objects already owned, or cheaply thrifted ones.

First off...the mini globe...Sprayed with gold paint, and then covered in glittery snowflakes, it now adds a touch of quirky glamour to my dressing table...

The enamel bucket, beautiful in it's simplicity, is jazzed up with a touch of gold for an instant update...As is an old favourite Celtic vase...Simply mark of the area you'd like to add your gold accent to, and spray away!

And now for a little project I like to call 'glam-a-gnome'...Okay, maybe not THAT sophisticated, but certainly a bit of fun! A jewelry holder, perfect for stray earrings...

A few shells got the gold treatment too. They look lovely among unpainted ones in a bowl, or scattered neatly on the coffee table...

Will you be going for gold? Let's face it, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I'll take a few small trendy sips this week...



  1. Its amazing how a spray of paint can completely reinvent an item......very pretty ! X

  2. Oh my gosh, I am precisely the same way when it comes to home decor. Folks often seem to expect me to live in a full on period appropriate 40s or 50s clad abode, and while I do love and admire such homes a great deal, to date I've never ventured down that interior design/decor path. My tastes are so electic that I like to mix and match from different styles, plus I've moved so often in my life that it wasn't, no joke, just until early 2012 that I finally had a house where I could start decorating and thinking about the long term, instead of just shoving everything into boxes again (potentially) soon. We took advantage of this and painted the walls, bought a bit more furniture, started collecting more knickknacks and so on. My house is still a long way from my ideal, but it's better than ever before and I'm not knocking that in the slightest.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Olá Tania,me inspirei em sua idéia,amei o ouro do seu mini globo,parabéns,obrigada por compartilhar conosco.Beijo.Valéria.


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