Thursday, 12 September 2013

Jolly Jars of Happiness

Jazzing things are all phrases which I love to live by, as so many of you out there do too. And this week, I've been at it again. You know I love a jar, any shape, any size, and I love the fact that there are possibly a gazillion uses for these lovelies once the last bit of peanut butter has been licked from it's belly. As I gobble down the last pickle, I already eye the glass shape up and down to see if it's got potential for a make-over. And this week, I've come up with these...No fancy tricks, no major bells and whistles...Just a little fabric goodness...and a few stitches...

Jars for blooms...

Jars for straws...or pens perhaps?

Jolly Jar of Knitting Needles...

Jolly Jars of Happiness!

Tania ♥♥♥

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