Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Playing 'House'

For such a long time now I've been wanting to give the kidlets' playhouse a makeover. Daddy built it a couple of years ago, and over the years it has faded to a pale, weathered grey, not the best site to stare at as you look out of the window. Every time I washed the dishes, I'd sigh and mentally add it to the very long to-do list that grows at the rate of Jack's beanstalk! Last summer I kept putting it off by another week, and only now, a whole year later, has it been given a new lease of life. As I'm like an overly excited puppy with a new Louboutin shoe, I can't help but share it with you! It might help to show you  a 'before' picture, but I failed miserably to get the camera out to take a shot. I'll share an older picture with you instead, baring in mind it was taken a couple of years ago when 'The Little House' was still quite new and cheery!

As you can see, it was lacking in imagination a bit, and needed some TLC. Firstly, it needed some colour. Hubby kindly donned the painting gloves, and we decided a lovely Forget-me-not blue would suffice. After adding some white trimmings, it looked a lot fresher.

And the result....Ta-da!

To turn our little house in to a home, we needed some finishing touches of course! I sewed some patchwork curtains to add summer cheer, along with some bunting. The little bench that sits alongside it, also got a lick of paint. The kids were itching to get their fingers dirty, so they had the job of painting furniture. It was so much fun, and they did a brilliant job! However, if someone had to look at our back garden via Google Earth, there is no doubt that they would think we've acquired a swimming pool, as the garden is still covered in blue paint!

Of course every house needs a house name, so we decided to stick with 'The Little House'. I made a housname plaque for it, as well as a fire bucket. If you know my two year old, you would know it definitely needs it! Here are some pictures of all the finishing touches.

Ooh, just one more thing I have to share! A little while ago a dear friend turned up with a present for our little man, a red radioflyer trike that she had found in a thrift shop. Thank you Dianne! Isn't it gorgeous?

Well, I think there will be a lot of playing, dreaming, tea partying and imagining going on, and that's just me! I hope you've enjoyed our little trip 'playing house'...Now, time to grapple with the chores of a real house...Until next time!


  1. This is gorgeous!! Well done! I love the retro feel with the wagon and the tricycle!

  2. Tania, it's so beautiful! I want to move in! The color is perfect.


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