Monday, 20 June 2011

Hello Monday!

Blimey, what a weekend! Thanks to a very frustrating misunderstanding with our internet provider (I understood, they missed!), they decided to disconnect our services, only to have to apologize and re-connect it today. Of course this meant that I was cut off from the big wide world out there, unable to update my third and final blog giveaway! I now have a tiny perspective on what it's like to be in an isolation chamber! Nevertheless, I am back, and feel like it's time for a catch up!

First things first, the announcement of the third and final winner of our series of blog giveaways. I have already informed the lovely Heather that she has won the felt strawberry pegs, and I hope she'll put them to good use. Thank you to all of you who have participated and made this last week so much fun by entering and leaving comments. I just wish I could send you all something, so in a way it has been a bit bittersweet!

Well, I'm a firm believer that all things work together for the greater good if we allow ourselves to see the silver lining around those clouds that sometimes drift our way. So, with that in mind, although some things had to wait as I couldn't spend any time conversing with you lot, I had a lovely movie marathon weekend with the kidlets. Our lovely UK weather provided the perfect backdrop of rain, even thunder and hail, so armed with a very large bowl of pop-pop as my two year old says (popcorn!), we frequented the sofa for most of Saturday and Sunday. Although I had to 'suffer' through the likes of Garfield 2, I did manage to sneak in some golden oldies. I just love Elizabeth Taylor in "The last time I saw Paris". Needless to say, the storyline was secondary to the beautiful frocks, hair and make-up on display. Hee-hee...I'm a fickle woman!
The boys also had to suffer through a Doris Day classic. No, we didn't watch "Calamity Jane" again, though if my nine year old had her way we would have! We watched "By the Light of the Silvery Moon", and at the end even Daddy was singing along! (Don't tell him I told you, I'd be in soooo much trouble!)

I just love Doris's hat in the picture above. I have a feeling it will lead to a project for the autumn. I might have to try to make one! Well, it has been lovely chit-chatting. I will leave you with a few nostalgic images from these two classics. As they say in Paris: Au revoir!

Aaaw...young love....

Check out the dress!

The End....and then we all (the royal we!) sobbed! What a tearjerker!

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  1. ok so you've had a 2 week holiday and now it is time to get back to your blog...what else am i supposed to do on my holiday?mmm? just kidding but am eagerly awaiting your next blog....workshop or clever tips!


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