Thursday, 5 March 2015

Early Easter Flourishes

Hello my lovelies! Well, I cannot believe that March has already arrived! Is time speeding up? I can't help but feel that there are less hours in each day, and that the hamster peddling the wheel of time is as fit as a fiddle and peddling as fast as a blink of the eye! As soon as March arrives, I feel a renewed spring in my step, and the reason for this is just that...'spring'! Yes, spring is in the air, and the days already seem brighter, with the promise of  colour, sunshine and the smell of fresh flowers! Dreary days be gone!

Now, I am already looking forward to Easter, as it is a special time of reflection and celebration for our family. Every year I look forward to getting some decorations out, and this year I have started earlier than usual. As I'm a working mum, I find that I have to plan and think ahead, as time is so precious and few and far between! That's my excuse...and I'm sticking with it! So, I have already made some new fripperies to add to he Easter dresser!

Quirky chaps with 'egg-straordinary' moustaches!

I found the idea for these on Pinterest. If you'd like to have a go, just pop over to 'a bit of pill pilli' for the tutorial. They were so easy to make, and great fun. I bet the kids would love it! I didn't use boiled eggs, but opted to blow out the eggs so that I could keep these for next year.

Liberty bunting....♥

A bunny to match...

A few old favourites...

Cheery blooms in tea cups...

And so, spring has sprung!

And so Easter has arrived early in our home. But no one seems to mind...It just means we get to enjoy it a little bit longer!


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  1. Splendidly pretty springtime decorations and whimsical touches. I love Easter and spring decor massively and yet have shockingly little of it. I'm on a determined path to change this and started combing the flea markets, thrift stores, and yard sales for classic decor for this season a couple of years and haven't stopped since. While I still don't have a ton, I've easily doubled my (could fit in one small box before) collection in that time. Hopefully lots more great spring pieces will come my way in 2015. :)

    Big hugs & tons happy spring wishes!
    ♥ Jessica


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