Sunday, 6 April 2014

Pastel polishing...

Hello my lovelies! Well, it's finally here. Sunshine, daffodils and brighter evenings! I revel in the changing seasons, as they are so beautifully and characteristically defined here in the UK. Every season inspires a little nest primping in our home, as I love to change things around to reflect the time of year. My favourite corner to dress is most definitely the dresser which sits in our living/dining room. Since we acquired it, it has always been styled with red accessories. Red is my favourite colour after all! But, for while now I have longed for a change, something a little more brighter, ethereal, springlike! It felt like it needed a bit of polishing...with pastels! And, what better time to tackle a change of mood than spring, with a little Easter celebration thrown in for good measure!

The dresser red at Christmas time...

The dresser now...pastel spring colours of pinks, blues and yellows!

Some Easter chocolate bunnies in jars...

An old favourite...'E' for Easter...

Some decorative altered books in a stash...tied with velvet ribbon...
I cut out a display window through the cover, added some gold leaf, glitter and Scrabble letters...

Fresh flowers...

And a few favourite things...

A basket of eggs...and an egg box prettied up...

And who said deer are just for Christmas?

I'm in love with the cheery lightness in this corner. It might stay like this well beyond Easter!

Blessings, Tania ♥


  1. It looks beautiful - you are a very talented lady


  3. You've done a lovely job! It all looks so pretty!

  4. Absolutely beautiful Tania! I loved the red look too but the pastel one is so fresh and pretty ... you've definitely inspired me to cheer up my home for the long warm days ahead (fingers very firmly crossed!) xxx

  5. Oh my goodness Tania - it is so beautiful; I just want to pull up a chair & share a cuppa there ...

    I also have that large sewing bobbin & it is such fun. My sideboard is hovering between Spring & greens & I have yet to think of Easter so am feeling guiltily inspired!

  6. Such a cheerful looking dresser Tania. Spring all over!!!

    Happy week,

    Madelief x

  7. I totaly love your ideas!!! I stop on your blog and It is so beautiful and brilliant.
    Your Garland, the details are inspiring.

  8. Splendidly, sweetly, completely gorgeous springtime decor!!!

    ♥ Jessica


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