Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bowl-ed over!

Hello m'darlings! Today's post is the second in my 'Pinterest...tried and tested' series. In all honesty, it's actually something I tried a few years ago, and when I spotted it on Pinterest again, I thought I'd have another go. With my spiffy new record player sitting happily in the living room, I thought I'd attempt a little shelf re-styling. And, part of that process was making bowls from old vinyl records. I'm sure you've all seen these before. If you've never tried it, have a jab at it! It is a quick, easy way of creating a conversation piece! These bowls are very handy for dry foods such as popcorn, crisps and other snacks. They would look great at any retro themed party. And, it's cheap! All it will cost you is the price of the records, which you can pick up from thrift stores and car boot sales for pennies! A word of warning before you start: Make sure to check it's not a valuable record, before you start melting it in the oven!

Now, this is how you do it, for those of you who don't know. Pre-heat your oven to no more than 100 degrees Celsius (200F). I have had the oven warmer than this before, and you can melt your record...yip...gooey, melty mess! Especially if you're working with small records like I did, take care. Also, you don't want to start releasing smelly fumes! You might want to crack open a window! Once you've warmed the oven, place your record on top of an oven proof bowl, and stick it in for about 8-10 minutes. Watch it slowly relax and droop over the bowl. Once this happens, quickly, and carefully remove it from the oven, wearing oven gloves. Now place the record inside a bowl of your choice to manipulate it while it's soft and pliable. Shape it, speedily, before it hardens, into the shape you like. If you're not happy with the results, just pop it back into the oven to soften, and try again. In minutes you'll have a quirky bowl to grace the sideboard! (You can find the original pin at Pinterest)

I made a large bowl, as well as a little mint dish.

Shelf re-styled...

Now I sit in my cosy chair, and listen to the sounds of Glen Miller whilst having a tipple from my cocktail cart...yip, very rock and roll I am!

All whilst admiring my lovely ones from the meadows...and twinkling candle light, which looks enchanting in a favourite Pyrex jug...

And it doesn't really matter how and where, but everything looks better draped with fairy lights...

So, another Pinterest success, and I'm bowl-ed over by how easy it was!

Tania ♥


  1. It all looks fabulous! I used to make record bowls many years ago ... might just give it another go! M x

  2. What a great idea. Love the result (and your pretty cupboards full of treasures) :-)

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  3. How fabulously fun! I've seen these kinds of bowls a few times over the years, but didn't know they were so wonderfully easy to create at home. Many thanks for sharing the super simple howto method you followed, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica


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