Sunday, 4 November 2012

Rainy day inspiration...

This morning we woke up to the gentle pitter patter of the rain against the windows. Having been up all night with a poorly boy, we did manage to have a bit of a lie-in, and even little man has perked up...thank goodness! After a scrummy full English brekkie cooked by hubby, I decided that as we're having an easy Sunday morning, I may as well do a little sewing. Feeling a little inspired by the rain, I thought I'd make some sleepy cloud hair clip tidies. My daughter's hair clips and slides are always in a jumble in a box, and I thought this would be a much better way of storing (and finding!) them! Inspired by all the lovely cloudy images around at the moment, I set to work...

I hope you're enjoying a lazy Sunday...rain or shine!
Blessings, Tania ♥


  1. How cute.. Now all the clippies can be found.. Great idea.

  2. Such a lovely idea. Very sweet.

  3. This is so, so delightfully darling! Awesome work, dear gal! I wish I had one with extra long tendrils to hang my hair flower collection from.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Tania your little cloud is so adorable. I hope your week is off to a happy start.


  5. I love this so much, I think I need one, I lose hundreds of bobby pins and can never find the ones I still have when I need them! So pretty,
    Love Lil x


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