Monday, 31 October 2011

Bits and bobs

Well, at last I've got a new laptop to muse and peruse on, and it's about jolly time as I haven't had a chance to blog much! So, normal service can finally resume! After what has been an unnerving period of time following the break-in, I am slowly finding my feet again, with the desire to share my little world with you. I will ease myself in slowly by sharing a few bits and pieces with you, just a little glimpse into what has taken place over the last week or two.

As always, a girl has to make time for a bit of thrifting. I had the luxury of a couple of hours to myself on Saturday afternoon to meander around town. I popped into one of  our local charity shops, and was all giddy with excitement when I found a stash of vintage buttons! I spent ages rooting through the basket, handpicking every button with a purpose in mind...or day it will come to me! Needless to say, I came away with nearly the whole collection for next to nothing! Result!

At this time of year I start to sew up a storm in preparation for the festive season. These are a few of the little things I have completed thus far. Lots to do still, and feeling slightly overwhelmed by the amount of sewing I want to complete over the next couple of weeks. Yikes!

Life might be hectic, but there is ALWAYS time for baking, especially when it involves chocolate...Mmmm....

Making the most of the last warm rays of sunshine, to me, is synonomous with a peruse at the weekend car boot. I have found a few little treasures of late, but none delighted me more than this red and white polkadot Chance handkerchief vase, which was produced by Pilkington glass in 1974. I love the fact that it is older than me! And of course, that it is red....and polka-dotty..

I adore deer! It must stem from my love of the film 'Bambi'. There is something so quiet yet strong about these gorgeous animals. Of course my Mama deer had to have a wee baby at some point! And then there were two....

And with that, I say goodbye for now. Be blessed!

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